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December 31, 2001 - Check out the hair algae saga!

New Tank:

I have taken the plunge and will be putting in a tank!  Stop by frequently to check on progress, as I am documenting the entire process from selection of equipment to tank setup to placement of corals!

UPDATE 7/17/99!  The 120 gallon tank is cycling rock - check out the latest pictures!

Water Purification:

I noticed a problem with hair algae and upon testing my phosphate levels I found levels greater than 1.0 ppm!  I debated purchasing an RO/DI unit (Reverse Osmosis/Deionization), but decided the cost involved was not justified for a 20-gallon tank.  Instead, I purchased the Tap Water Purifier by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals from Pet Warehouse.  This not only removes phosphates, but nitrates, heavy metals, chlorine, etc. from your tap water.  The replaceable cartridges are good for about 100 gallons of water.  This is more economical for a 20 gallon tank than an RO/DI unit which would cost approximately $300.   I have noticed a significant difference since using water passed through the Tap Water Purifier.

Live Rock:

I have added an additional 15 lbs. of live rock, bringing the total in my tank to 35 lbs.


I have added a Fluval 403 canister filter to the tank to accomodate 3 lbs. of TBPC from Hiatt.  They claim that TBPC (Tri-Based Pelletized Carbon), combined with their Right Now Bacteria will virtually eliminate nitrates.  I will post results shortly.  I purchased the TBPC and RN bacteria from Hawaiian Quality Fish.

Nitrate Update:

Three weeks after adding the TBPC my nitrates are testing 0!  I noticed a significant drop within two days of adding the TBPC - the nitrates dropped from 25 ppm to 5 ppm.  After 3 weeks, there is no measurable nitrate left.  I highly recommend this for anyone experiencing a nitrate problem.  I purchased the TBPC and RN bacteria from Hawaiian Quality Fish.


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