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Cryptocentrus leptocephalus

This Pink & Blue Spotted Watchman goby was acquired with a mated pistol shrimp (seen right behind him coming out of the burrow). This is a fascinating pair to watch! The goby is not very talented in digging, and the shrimp is blind. The shrimp digs the burrow and the goby acts as a "seeing-eye fish" for the shrimp. Whenever the shrimp is out of the burrow, he always keeps one antennae on the goby and retreats quickly back to the burrow if the fish swishes his tail.

They built several burrows around the tank before finally settling down (fortunately it's front and center in the tank, which allows prime viewing!). As you can see, the burrow is quite elaborate - they have gathered many pieces of rock rubble to create their home. At night, the goby closes the burrow off with the larger piece of rock you see at the top of the burrow - there is absolutely no evidence that it exists, unless you know the rock is covering a hole. In the morning, the goby shoves the rock back out of the way and spends the majority of his time sitting outside the burrow (as pictured). When the tank is fed, the goby brings food to the shrimp.

This picture shows the shrimp a little better:

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