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bullet120 gallon All Glass Aquarium (4x2x2) - two 1 1/2" bulkhead overflows drilled
bulletCustom-made poplar stand/canopy
bulletTwo 250W PFO Metal Halide lights (6500K Iwasaki bulbs)
bulletFour 110W VHO lights (IceCap 660 ballast - 2 URI 50/50 bulbs, 2 URI Actinic 03 bulbs)
bulletOcean Motion Wavemaker with four MaxiJet 1200 powerheads attached
bulletPinPoint PH Monitor
bullet20 gallon high All Glass Aquarium for sump
bulletBerlin Protien Skimmer powered by RIO 2500 pump
bulletRIO 2500 pump for return
bulletTwo Visitherm 150W heaters
bullet150 lbs of Samoan and Fiji live rock
bullet124 lbs of dead sand (mixture of oolitic, aragonite and crushed coral)
bulletAuto top-off system


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