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By popular demand, the pictures are now in reverse order, with the newest ones at the top of the page.


The tank has completed cycling and 2 fish are added - a six-line wrasse and a red scooter blenny. Three corals from the 20 gallon are moved over.

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Dcp00240.jpg (32421 bytes) 7/17/99

An additional 50 lbs of live rock is added to the tank and the other 2 powerheads are added and placed on the wavemaker.


100 lbs of live rock is added to the tank. As you can see, it's nowhere near enough.  The heaters have been relocated to the sump and the powerheads relocated to appropriate locations in the tank.

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Dcp00234.jpg (53906 bytes) 7/16/99

The sump and protein skimmer are started. A power outage was simulated and the water rose to where the white line is. The sump level will rise a bit higher with the addition of another  100 lbs of rock. As you can see, the skimmer is definitely skimming!


124 lbs of sand is added to the tank.  A combination of 3 grain sizes (fine, medium and coarse) are used.  As you can see, the tank is so cloudy it's hard to see the sand!  I'm glad I rinsed it - it would have been worse!

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Dcp00227.jpg (32806 bytes) 7/9/99

Water and salt are added to the tank.  Heaters are temporarily placed in the tank to bring it up to temperature.  Powerheads are placed to mix the salt. Both the VHO and metal halide lights are on in this picture.


The lights are wired and we test out the halides, which work fine! 

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Dcp00222.jpg (43181 bytes) 7/4/99

Final view of the back of the tank, showing the plumbing, fans and lighting wires.


The tank is moved into placed and the stand is shimmed to make it level.   Note the RO/DI tubing in the tank - it's ready for water!  I would have liked the tank a little more centered, but as you can see in the pictures above, there is a dropped ceiling for ductwork and the canopy can't be opened under it, which would make maintenance a little difficult!

Dcp00225.jpg (22769 bytes)
Dcp00211.jpg (29570 bytes)



The canopy is placed on the tank and the fans are mounted to the back.  Even with a 4' stepladder, I can only reach two thirds of the way down the tank with the canopy in place!  Guess I'll have to find someone tall to place any substrate dwellers!


The fans are mounted inside the cabinet, as are the power strips and a shelf for the wavemaker (not shown).  The box to the left is the metal halide ballast - when Grim said it would take up a foot of space, he wasn't joking!  We will be elevating this on 2x4's to keep it off the floor of the cabinet. 

Dcp00212.jpg (53109 bytes)
Dcp00210.jpg (40700 bytes) 6/25/99

The tank is placed onto the stand.  Due to the size of the tank and the fact that there is a trim kit on the stand, they had to slide the tank in from the back.   It will be placed back against the wall when the plumbing is completed.


The back of the tank showing the plumbing for the two overflows and the return line.  The masking tape remains, as some touch-up work needs to be done to the black painted back glass.

Dcp00208.jpg (40901 bytes)
Dcp00209.jpg (46856 bytes) 6/25/99

The 20 gallon sump under the cabinet with the return line and pump, protein skimmer and two overflow lines.  The small box in the front right corner of the cabinet is the Spectrapure Liquid Level Controller, which will be used for the auto top-off system.


The stand arrives!  I am extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship!

Dcp00127.jpg (26189 bytes)
Dcp00130.jpg (41089 bytes) 6/18/99

The tank arrives!  As you can see, my 4 year old cat Chloe is extremely interested in this new arrival!  I think she'll have a different opinion once it contains water!



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