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Water Movement:

Powerheads circulate the water in your tank.  This is extremely important with corals, as most of them rely on the water circulation to bring them food as well as remove any secretions.  In the 20 gallon I started with one Hagen 402 powerhead and added a second. They are at opposite sides of the tank facing each other to provide a good circulation within the tank. The 120 gallon uses an Ocean Motion wavemaker with four Aquarium Systems Maxi-Jet 1200's. These are placed on opposite sides of the tank - 2 are a bit higher than the others. The wavemaker is set to a totally random cycle.

I lost several fish to the powerheads, especially ones with long fins which tended to get "sucked in".  If your powerhead does not have a sufficient screen to keep fish from being caught, cut the outer layers of a bio-ball until it fits snugly over the intake of the powerhead - this keeps delicate fins from being caught in the intake.

When placing corals in your tank, pay attention to what type of water movement they prefer and place them in the tank accordingly.  Some corals, such as the bubble coral, prefer a low water movement so they can fully extend their polyps. 

Your Local Fish Supplier:

One of the most important things I can tell you is to develop and maintain a good relationship with your local (hopefully knowledgeable) supplier. Shop around until you find one that you feel comfortable with and who is knowledgeable about marine tanks.   I thinks it's best if you can find a supplier who specializes exclusively in marine aquariums.  Talk to them - let them know what size tank you
have, what animals currently reside in it, what type of lighting you have......when you decide to add a new coral or fish to your tank, discuss it with them.  Of course, you should also have researched this out yourself :)  See my for some great resource books!  Make sure that what you are purchasing will live happily-ever-after with current tankmates. 

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