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There is great debate over feeding of anemones and corals.  I find my anemone enjoys a piece of raw shrimp and responds well to the feeding.  I feed him about once every couple of weeks.  I also feed my bubble coral a small piece of shrimp and notice good results.  I read somewhere "if it has arms/legs and a mouth, FEED IT!". 

For filter feeders, I use Kent Marine MicroVert food once a week.  Turn off all filters, but leave the powerheads going for circulation.  I let them feed for about 45 minutes, then turn the filter back on.  I also hatch and feed brine shrimp about once a month. 

Over-feeding leads to a rapid rise in nitrate levels.  The more you feed, the more waste is produced, the more waste, the more nitrates.  I had a difficult time accepting the fact that the fish in my marine aquarium did not need to be fed twice daily.   I guess it's because my mother was constantly feeding us :)  But after having severe nitrate problems, I cut feedings back to once per day, alternating flake and pellet food,  and have noticed no adverse effects.

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