Home Up Your Salt Water Fish Superstore

These are the costs associated with the setup of the new tank.  If a date does not appear, it means the item hasn't been received yet and the price may be estimated.

Remember to check out mail-order companies for dry goods - many of them, such as PetStore.Com, have competitive prices for things like heaters, light bulbs, test kits, etc.

Date Description Cost Source
5/21/99 120 Gallon All-Glass Tank $260 The Reef Tank
4/17/99 Poplar Enclosed Cabinet Stand and 12" Canopy $499 The Reef Tank
7/7/99 Lighting - Two 250W MH w/ 6500K bulbs with ballast (PFO), four VHO (Icecap 660 ballast) - two Actinic 03 bulbs, two 50/50 bulbs $760 The Reef Tank
5/21/99 One Rio 2500 pump for return $42 The Reef Tank
5/21/99 Red Sea Berlin protein skimmer with pump (Rio 2500) $197 The Reef Tank
5/21/99 Four Maxi-Jet 1200 powerheads $80 The Reef Tank
5/21/99 Ocean Motion Wavemaker $169 The Reef Tank
5/21/99 Pinpoint PH Monitor w/ AC Adaptor $91 The Reef Tank
5/21/99 Two 150 watt Visitherm Heaters $32 The Reef Tank
5/21/99 20 gallon All-Glass tank for sump $25 The Reef Tank
4/10/99 Kent Marine Maxxima 24 gpd RO/DI $198 Marine Depot
5/21/99 Spectrapure Liquid Level Controller for auto top-off system $61 The Reef Tank
5/21/99 One Rio 800 pump for auto top-off system $17 The Reef Tank
7/10/99 One 44 lb bag of CaribSea Aragonite Reef Sand $20 The Reef Tank
7/10/99 Two 30 lb bags of CaribSea sugar sand (oolite) $30 The Reef Tank
7/10/98 One 20 lb bag of CaribSea Crushed Coral $15 SuperPetz
7/7/99 Three bags of Instant Ocean $27 The Reef Tank
5/21/99 Two bulkhead kits for overflows $13 The Reef Tank
5/21/99 Two 3 foot hoses for overflows $20 The Reef Tank
7/7/99 Four 3" fans for cooling hood and cabinet $68 The Reef Tank
7/7/99 Misc Plumbing and Electrical supplies $47 The Reef Tank
7/16/99 147 lbs of live rock (Samoan and Fiji) $434 The Reef Tank
9/1/99 Conductivity Meter $100 North Coast Marines
9/1/99 Salinity Monitor $75 North Coast Marines
7/31/99 Titanium Grounding Probe $10 The Reef Tank
7/31/99 5 lbs of live sand $10 The Reef Tank
8/7/99 5 lbs of live sand $10 The Reef Tank
  Grand Total (so far!) $3310  


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