Bubble Coral

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Plerogyra sinuosa

This bubble coral is the second coral I acquired for my tank. He is definitely appreciating the extra 40 watts of light I installed! He changes on an hourly basis - sometimes he's totally shriveled and at other times extremely puffed out. In this picture he's at an in-between state. I didn't realize when I purchased this coral that it is extremely aggressive. I had placed it next to my leather coral and was noticing damage to the leather. Bubble corals put out tentacles at night and they are capable of stinging other corals. He is now in his own little section of the tank where he can't harm anyone else. I feed him shrimp about every 10 days.

The bubbles are not polyps, but modified tentacles which protect the delicate polyps beneath them.  You must be very careful when moving or feeding this coral not to damage the delicate tissues.  Bubble corals prefer bright light and low to medium current.  They will not fully expand if the current is too high.

Bubble Coral


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