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I started a 20 gallon mini reef in June of 1997. This was my first attempt at a marine reef aquarium, although I had successfully kept tropical and African cichlid tanks for about 10 years. After 2 years of successfully maintaining the 20 gallon reef, I have set up a 120 gallon reef tank.

I have made many mistakes and found many people and places who have helped me understand the reef aquarium. This site is intended to assist others who are interested in starting or maintaining a reef aquarium. One of the most helpful sites I've found on the internet in my quest for knowledge about this hobby is About.com Saltwater Aquariums - if you haven't visited them yet, be sure to soon.

This hobby is fascinating! It does require work and it can be expensive, but I’ve learned that it is possible to maintain a reef aquarium and not go entirely broke in the process! And the reward is sitting back and watching your own little corner of the ocean as it constantly changes!

As of now, I do not currently have a reef tank setup - I just sold the 120 - with a bit of a pang of sadness. But I just am not able to keep up with the maintenance at this time. I will be keeping this site up as a resource for people, as I do get a lot of positive feedback from people. Perhaps one day I will setup a smaller system that I will be better able to maintain.

120 Gallon Reef Tank

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20 Gallon Reef Tank

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Abby does a nightly check of the 120 gallon tank

Saltwater Reef Aquarium Maintenance & Service for VA & D.C. Area

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